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Management is about persuading people to do things they do not want to do. Leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could.

Servant Leader and Influencer in Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing | Entrepreneur | Startup Advisor | Angel & Blockchain Investor | Speaker | Growth from 600k to 200M+ ARR, 60%+ EBITDA and over 600 team members globally in Software & Cloud in the course of 18+ years

I’m a results-driven, passionate professional with remarkable international experience and technical knowledge from total 20+ years in IT.  My management expertise spans a broad range of operational functions. My abilities to successfully articulate sustainable growth strategies to ensure focus on the right execution; to manage high-profile relationships, combined with my many years of experience supporting business expansion, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving change, I became a valuable member within the organizations and teams I worked for.

My leadership style consists of the believe that there is a natural desire of a leader wanting to serve first. By serving first, I make the needs of stakeholders my main priority. And find success and “power” in the growth of others to find new leaders and succeed in business. I serve because I’m a leader and I’m a leader because I serve. My approach is people-first and values diversity and inclusion.

I’m used to constant change on an international level and got through many re-organizations and multiple re-brandings. I have experience in acquisitions and divestments and was part of multiple exits towards private equity funds. So despite having worked 18+ years in the “same company” – it was always a new setup whenever we acquired someone or had an exit.

Key Focus Areas: Servant Leadership, International Sales, Business and Corporate Development (Strategy, M&A), Digital Marketing &

Scale through Growth Hacking and partnerships, Product Management


Ideas are easy. Execution is everything. It takes a team to win.




Business & Corporate Development

Digital Marketing

Product Management

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Business Development

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