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I have had a call with him recently that was very productive, he is an expert in the field of SaaS and was capable to go in deep on my problem and offer me already some good practical advice. He is friendly and open. I recommend him, absolutely. I hope to have him as a mentor for the future.

Lukas is a visionary who understands his customers and how to get the message across. A pragmatist at heart, he’s always solutions-oriented and an affable person to connect with. It was a pleasure to work under him and I’d do it again given the opportunity.

I worked with Lukas on a large and complex Cloud opportunity with Telco Service Provider. Lukas is very sharp person and with a thorough knowledge of the Cloud marketplace. In addition to that, his customer and partner relationship skills are simply first-class, so it was a pleasure working with him.

Lukas is a marketing extraordinaire! He understand his products and customers extremely well, and is able to build impact full marketing campaigns. Lukas is a great net-worker, he is able to ‘connect the dots’, and he leverage this skill to deliver results. I worked with Lukas for more than a year in a joint marketing effort between our companies, which was very successful. I found it a joy to work with him, he is always friendly and very approachable.

Lukas is a Sales Director with high customer focus. His good understanding of our constraints and ability to help us to grow our business with Parallels (ODIN) solutions. I enjoyed working with him and would strongly recommend him

Jules-Henri Gavetti

CEO and Co-founder at Ikoula

Lukas is a great salesman with indepth knowledge of the business and services. He is always looking for the win-win and a great teamplayer. Looking forward to our next project!

Lukas is one of best people I have worked with at Parallels, his enthusiasm and drive to either get problems solved quickly is truly refreshing. His knowledge of the industry and people in it is second to none, he is a real asset to Parallels. I am delighted to carry on working with Lukas for as long as we are in the same industries.

Lukas has a huge knowledge of the European hosting market. Through his creative kind he sees ways and solutions that others don’t see and he knows when to make use of an opportunity.

Lukas was awesome. He immediately got to grips with my situation and provided some really good lessons from his own experience that were 100% relevant. Very friendly and helpful – I hope we get to speak again soon!

Great perspectives on a complicated issue, and also generous with intros! Lukas is the bomb.

This is my 2nd session with Lukas. This time we spoke about how I could better service e-commerce clients through my paid traffic agency. Lukas got me thinking of ways that I could expand my offering to deliver more value to clients (e.g. through CRO) as an alternative to being 100% focused on paid media. He has a broad understanding of business, not just marketing, and can therefore offer you new perspectives that you were not expecting. I definitely recommend him as a mentor.

As someone who managed our complicated account, Lukas was efficient and effective in helping us. His knowledge and experience in the hosting industry is impeccable. His friendly and positive attitude makes him a pleasure to work with.

Lukas was fabulous. He was so generous with his time and gave me some real gems of advice and resources to help me develop my value proposition. He’s also really easy to talk to with a great sense of humour! I look forward to having another session with him.

Lukas managed to understand the context of the main topic we discussed very quickly asking the right questions straight to the point. He helped not only with extremely valuable feedback but also with a framework how to move forward. Much appreciated!

I had an interesting and friendly chat with Lukas. We discussed different ways to find customers and had ideas way beyond of my little box. Very interesting stuff and happy to jump on a next call in 1 or 2 months.

Lucas is a straight shooter yet humble. He picked up a few things that I overlooked and pointed a few different viewpoints as well. Really appreciate his candid feedback on the product. It helped me understand where to focus my efforts in validating the demand. I also appreciate his book recommendation. This is the kind of feedback I was after. Can’t recommend Lucas’s mentoring enough for anyone getting their feet wet in the SAAS world. A real deal.

Sateesh Kumar

Founder, Vizard

Lukas was super responsive from the minute I submitted my request. He’s very commercially aware and has a lot of experience in the software/tech space. He provided a good blend of asking questions and providing advice… I’d definitely recommend speaking with him!

Good first intro call for understanding competences and interests. Lukas has a lot of SAAS modeling and decision making experience that could be very valuable topic for further conversation.

Lukas was very friendly and definitely an expert in Sales and Marketing. He was able to give me very clear directions on next steps to validate my product as well as materials such as books, videos and articles to define the product value propositions effectively. I highly recommended Lukas to everyone who is seeking help in the Sales and Marketing space!

Insightful call covering various aspects – from product market fit & which initial market to focus on to practical tips on marketing strategy and budget allocation. On aspect that I really appreciated was that Lukas was also straightforward when we touched an area where he had no deep personal experience in. Overall very helpful and certainly not my last interaction with him.

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